Spintend UBox 16S Capable 100A ESC

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1. Technical Data:

  • Voltage :  16-75V (peak voltage must be under 80V)
  • Current : Max 100A/channel, totaling at 200A
  • 12V@3A pinout: Connect lights, horns or other accessories. 
  • 5V@0.5A output : Max output 500mA
  • Built In Switch: Switch included directly on the UBOX
  • Size and weight: 145 x 83x25mm / 396g
  • Cables: Motor cable: 12AWG 12cm / Battery Cable: 10AWG 12cm

 2. Why Choose Ubox ?

The large built in heatsink soaks up all heat generated by regular riding passively. 

Key chips are UK / US Made for the best performance

Full schematics are printed on the PCB so you'll always know where everything is

3. Except for Unique Features, the UBox has all the typical features:
  • TI INA240A1 Current-Sense Amplifier
  • USB, CAN, serial, I2C, SPI, 2x ADC, RC PPM inputs / outputs.
  • Sensored and sensorless FOC with auto-detection of all motor parameters
  • Hall sensor, ABI/SPI encoder
  • Current and voltage measurement on all phases
  • Regenerative braking
  • USB programmable and nice GUI
  • Adjustable protection against
  • Low input voltage | High input voltage | High motor current | High input current
  • High regenerative braking current (separate limits for the motor and the input)
  • Rapid current changes (ramping)
  • High RPM (separate limits for each direction)
  • Motor and driver overheating
  • ...and much more

4. Extras

  • How to use VESC ?  Please refer to this blog 
  • It's Strongly recommended you get a ubox remote, we don't keep extra stock
  • No metal case covers the 2.4GHZ receiver and Bluetooth module area, so no RF blocking

6. User manual and ports diagram
  •  Download user manual from here.   
  •  Ubox all ports wiring diagram refers to here.

7. Custom Firmware Download: 

  1. 100A  firmware download (Recommend to use this one)
  2. 300A firmware download  (Caution! Not in Warranty Protection)