Single Stack Molicel P42A Rig (12S2P)

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Please note that there is a 1 week lead time (2-7 days) on this item. Each battery is made for the order. Sometimes it will be done quickly or exist in stock already. 

Suitable to fit a range of ESCs (Unity/Xenith, Stormcore, Spintend and Flipsky 4.12/6.6 Dual all fit), this rig contains a vacuum formed enclosure, Molicel P42A battery + charger, and optional accessories. The battery is secured into the enclosure with silicone. 

The enclosure is a 3mm ABS and comes with a load spreading bracket. A thick neoprene gasket is also available to purchase with the enclosure.

Inner dimensions: 40x14x3cm
Outside dimensions: 44x18x3,5cm

What's Included? 

- 12 Wood Inserts (Epoxy recommended but not necessary to keep them locked into your deck)

- A 3mm thermoformed enclosure

- 12S2P Molicel P42A with a bypassed Daly BMS

- XT-90 Female connector

- 5.5x2.5 DC Barrel chargeport

- 3A Fast Charger (UK Plug)