Nexus X6372 170KV 3100W Sensored Motor

Nexus X6372 170KV 3100W Sensored Motor

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We've taken the already powerful, cool C6374 and made it better. The Nexus X6374 uses high-quality epoxy resins to lock the magnets and motor wires in place, enabling us to confidently warranty these motors up to 1000 miles. 

By applying epoxy between the magnets, loose and broken magnet issues become a thing of the past, extending the life of the motor by potentially thousands of miles. We're so happy with the reliability we've experienced with ours, we're extending the warranty policy on these up to 1000 miles or 1600km. 

We also shealth and epoxy the motor cables, and we attach MT60 Connectors to the motor phase cables (Pair MT60 provided, 5.5/3.5/4.0mm bullets can be requested)

Peak Amperage: 75A
Reliable Amperage: 60A
voltage:5-12S LiPo
shaft:10mm D Shaped (Fits our D Shaped pulley)
install holes:30/44mm
dimensions (Dia x Len): 63mm x 71.4mm
16 AWG Motor wires
connectors: MT60 3 Pin tight hold, easy connection. 
Sensored (with JST 6P 2.0 Hall male plug & play with VESC) - No temp sensor (Running the motor over spec may result in damage via overheating. If you're able to touch the motor, it is not close to overheating and is running smoothly)


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