Custom Molicel P26A Battery Pack

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Custom battery packs hand built in the UK. 

Please contact, call on +44 7498054590 or message us on Facebook to get quotes & place an order for a pack. 

10S and 12S BMSs are held in stock. Ebike, Electric Scooter, Funwheel packs and more, we can make them all. 


  • Genuine 18650 Molicel P26A Cells, known to match 30Q in real world tests.
  • 20 Amps max cont. Discharge
  • 5/13A Fused charging lead
  • Bypassed Daly BMS / LTT Bluetooth Smart BMS
  • XT-90S output, XT-30U Charger input. 
  • Genuine nickle welded 3 times (6 spots)/cell
  • Non flexible or flexible
  • Fishpaper between P groups, no balance wire crosses