Mini 2.4Ghz Remote & Receiver

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Please note this product cannot be shipped via padded letter for UK customers, it's too thick. Included AA Batteries are required to power the remote. 

Praised for its robustness, reliability and battery life, the 2.4Ghz mini remote has been a staple of all tiers of electric skateboard (As seen on the speedboard, metroboard and all kinds of DIY) since its discovery as a great PPM remote in 2015. 

The mini remote can use 2 receivers bound to 1 remote for redundancy, or a CAN-BUS signal. It requires its own batteries but using lithium batteries has shown to last over 6 months of daily use for some users. There is a remote battery indicator which shows read when the battery level is low. 

The mini remote uses a trigger style throttle which allows for more fine-tuned control (Its harder to use large gloves with, so be careful!)