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FS Bluetooth Module NRF51

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Limited to no support for the official VESC app is present on iOs
Used to communicating between the VESC and VESC Tool (mobile) over BLE. Note that the UART port on the VESC must be enabled with a baud rate of 115200 for this to work.
Operating voltage: 2.0V ~ 12V Onboard Chip: NRF51822
Actual use distance: The distance to communicate with VESC is about 15 meters
Frequency range: 2.4GHz
2.4 GHz multiprotololl RF receiver
ARM Cortex-M0 32 bit processor
256kB flash & 16kB RAM
PCB size27mm*13mm
2.0mm seven-pin four-wire connector length90mm
Antenna length145mm
net weight3.5g