DKP Double Kingpin Trucks + Mounts

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These ultra-wide gravity cast DKP trucks allow you to carve way harder and make sharper turns. 

Our 350mm DKP Trucks feature the following specs:

- Integrated mounting points in the mound mean 0 chance of loosening or slippage

- up to 84mm long motors are supported

- 10mm axles for a super strong build

- Ultrawide axles mean you can use any wheels & pressfit pulleys. 

What's Included?

  • 1x Front truck
  • 1x Back truck with mount points
  • 2x CNC Mount for 63mm Motors
  • A full set of 10mm Inner diameter bearings for standard skate wheels
  • Truck mounting hardware
  • A soft rubber riser pad
  • Axle nuts & Speedrings.