Single/Dual Motor Complete Street Drivetrain

Single/Dual Motor Complete Street Drivetrain

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What's In A Complete Drivetrain Kit?

Our complete kits include a complete drive system, both trucks and wheels. 

Included in all kits:

  • 2x Nexusboards Supercarve Trucks
  • 4x Wheels/Tires Complete with bearings and spacers
  • 2x Rubber riser pads
  • 2x Board Bash Guards
  • 1x Skate mounting hardware

Included per driven wheel (Double for dual drives)

  • 2x High-Quality HTD5M Belts
  • 1x Nexusboards Motor Mount (Paris Style, For AT Setups Long Mount is included)
  • 1x CNC Aluminum Belt Idler
  • 1x HTD5M Aluminum Wheel Pulley
  • 1x Nexus C6372 2800W 170Kv Brushless Motor
  • 1x 15T Aluminum Motor Pulley
  • All hardware needed

What else do you need for a complete board?

  • A motor controller for each motor
  • A battery
  • An enclosure
  • A deck
  • A remote
  • Safety Gear


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