BN220 Precision Trucks (Full Set)

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Complete truck setup with RipTide bushings, Caliber II Baseplate, BN220 Hangers and Nexus Boards bearings. 

Nexus boards UK Is proud to stock Boardnamics 220mm trucks. If you're a US customer, please head over to and purchase from our friends across the pond!

Building a high-performance electric skateboard drive system starts with good trucks. We set out on our own to make precision trucks designed specifically for electric skateboarding. They feature our 220mm hangers and Caliber II Baseplates

With long adjustable axles and a uniform hanger, building a high-performance drivetrain has never been easier. Motor mounts install perfectly straight the first time. Long adjustable axles mean more wheel and pulley options. The 220mm length makes dual-motor setups a breeze. Supports dual 6380 motors with 15mm belts with room to spare.

We are excited to offer these with Riptide Sports bushings and pivot cups. We offer several KranK barrel hardnesses. 

Hanger Length: 220mm
Weight: 535g (per truck)
Axle Length: 44mm-50mm

What’s Included:
Machined Pieces:
x2 220mm Hangers
x2 Caliber II Baseplates + RipTide bushings
x1 Set of Nexus Boards Bearings

x4 80mm CNC Axles
x4 8mm spacers

Get a great deal by bundling these trucks with our idler motor mounts!

Other Information:
As with our hangers, any Caliber II mounts will fit this truck, however, our precision clamps are the best choice for them

For further questions on setup, technical info, or any other concerns, email us at