4x BN Fixed Axles For Surf Rodz / BN220 Trucks

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The Boardnamics 10-8 axle is an upgrade designed to be installed in Surfrodz RKP and TKP trucks. Unlike shoulder bolts, these can be installed and never touched again! These eliminate the fear of stripping the hanger threads after repeated use. Their step-down design from 10mm to 8mm allows the use of standardized skate bearings with an 8mm bore.

They’re machined from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel, then ground to a tighter tolerance than shoulder bolts and traditional skate axles. These are sure to last a lifetime. The extended length alloys for easy installation of bearing pulleys without running out of axle.

Exposed Axle Length: 58mm, (5/16″-24 Thread 10mm length)
Weight: 48g per axle

What’s Included:
x4 Fixed Axle
x4 Axle Nut

Assembly Information:
Apply loctite threadlocker (red recommended) to M8 threads. Screw in the axle as far in by hand, then tighten down a wheel lock nut until it reaches ends of the threads. Use this nut to tighten the axle into place. Tighten with moderate force. Let cure for 24 hours, then take of lock nut.

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