10S2P Molicel P42A Meepo / Wowgo / Ownboard Upgrade Battery Pack

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Charger included is a 3A fast charger. Approx 3 hours max charge time. 

Designed to fit into Meepo V3, (Or older), Wowgo 3, Ownboard W2 and other similar 10S2P Boards. Higher performing and better built than the ER / Extended packs sold by these brands. Please let me know which board your ordering this for so I can try to match the charger outputs. 


  • 302wh 8.4AH 42V
  • 2500W Peak, 2160W Nominal power ouput
  • 20 Genuine 21700 Molicel P42A Cells
  • 60 Amps max cont. Discharge, 50 Reccomended set max.
  • 3 Amps recommended max charge, 5A Fused charging lead
  • Bypassed Daly BMS
  • XT-90S output, XT-30U Charger input. 
  • Genuine nickle welded 3 times (6 spots)/cell
  • Non-flexible
  • Fishpaper between P groups, no balance wire crosses.