Shipping during the crisis

When are products shipping out?

For the most part, I am shipping out products within a normal, reasonable timescale. Royal mail recently spiked their prices, but they have come back down a little (while still higher) by about 15%. Courier collections are still running as normal, so larger items being collected by DPD are still being collected, however they are at a reduced workforce and delays may exist within their network which are out of my control.

Which products are shipping normally?

The following products are shipping aimed for same/next day dispatch

- VX1/VX2 Remotes

- All motor mounts and motor mount accessories

- Belts, wheel/motor pulleys, and other small items

- Flipsky switches, connectors and other thin electronics

- CNC Trucks


The following are delayed to ship by up to a week, if shipped via royal mail:

- Motors (Too thick/tall)

- Mini remotes

- AT/Street Wheels

- Regular paris clone trucks


Please contact me if you would like to know any additional information. There is a stay at home order in the UK, however, I am ineligible for any funding as you must have 3 years of self-employment tax returns, which would have meant I would have had to file for tax returns at 16.